Holt International Child Sponsorship provides foew many of the needs of children while they are in care like food.
Change a child's life forever. Sponsorship offers a permanent solution, not just a little assistance.

For $30 per month, you can change the life of an orphaned, abandoned, or vulnerable child. Holt sponsors children who have lost their parents or are at risk of losing their families due to illness, poverty or other hardships. They often come into care malnourished.

Your gifts provide food, shelter, clothing and attentive care, meeting your sponsored child's basic needs.

We strive to provide children in Holt sponsorship with the highest level of care – care that comes at greater cost. To ensure all children receive the services they need, children will often have multiple sponsors. Funds are then pooled by country program. That means your child represents not just one but all the children receiving support.

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Gift of Hope
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Family Strengthening
South Asia

  Child's physical, social and emotional development:

Alfiya is in good health. She is a pretty child with a pleasant look. She is interested in studies and is willing to continue her schooling. She will be in class 8 for the next academic year. She manages to do all the work by herself. She is very cooperative and has a helping nature. The bravest thing she did was by giving a speech in school. She is thankful to God for giving her such a wonderful parents. She likes to be in a group as they can all help each other in times of need. She likes watching television and painting in her free time. She feels a teacherís job has lots of fun. She enjoyed her sisterís marriage, as she hid her brother in laws shoes. She likes to eat Faluda and Carrot Halwa (Indian delicious sweets). She likes to spend time at her school in the science lab and her classroom. She likes to read Arabian nights story very much.

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