Name: Buyanorshih

Gender: Boy
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Date of Birth: 12/05/2006
Country: Mongolia
Buyanorshih's mother is a widow, unemployed, husband died from illness. With cost of living increasing on daily basis and to support school aged children the mother is unable to raise her children on her own. She asked our help and we enrolled her son Buyanorshih in the program. Buyanorshih was a healthy child when admitted in the program. The family came to the city from countryside for the treatment of father, unfortunately he died from serious illness. The district administration allowed them to live in a remote area, far from the community service. The mother stays home, occasionally finds job as a cleaner or helper in Kindergarten facility. The mother said there are shortages of food, school items and coal for fire to keep Ger warm. With no money to buy coal, she goes to the garbage dumpster to collect wood, tires, or anything else. 
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