Name: Sainam

Gender: Boy
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Date of Birth: 02/22/2015
Country: SE Asia
Sainam and his 2 siblings were under care of the mother. The father had been in prison charged of drug case. The mother gained an income by peeling shrimps at the pier near home because she could take the child with her. Sometimes, she could not get a job. She was very frustrated since the family had financial problem. A client of HSF recommended her to contact HSF to provide assistance to the family. Sainam became in our care when he was 1.6 years gaining 10 kg and 81 cm. He took his mother's breast milk and 3 daily meals. He was a healthy boy and developed at his age. He had vaccination as scheduled. Sainam's mother was born in a province in the north-eastern region. After Sainam's mother's father passed away, the family moved to Bangkok where she met Sainam's father whose parents passed away when he was young. Later, both moved to Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The poor family lived at a rented house. The father was a drug addict but he was responsible well for supporting the family. In early of 2016, he was arrested and had been in prison charged of drug case. The single mother had to take care of her 3 children alone. Therefore, we have considered providing the boy's siblings on educational support. 
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