Name: Jeff

Gender: Boy
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Date of Birth: 12/15/2011
Country: Haiti
Jeff is on the care of his parents who not only have serious economic difficulties, but also they are not in good health, for his mother is epileptic and the father often has some health issues. Three kids of the same family benefit from the aid of the Foundation Fontana díHaiti. Foundation Fontana puts up a smile in the face of the whole family in urgent and critical needs. The Foundation Fontana makes available free education and a hot food plate on a class daily basis. There are no known medical records for Jeff and his siblings, but from the first weeks of class they did not look too healthy. Jeff and his siblings plus his parents are all living together in a small room. Wilsonís mother, during her epileptic crisis, sometimes burned or cut herself, which have great impact on her health as well as her kids, especially Jeff, Berline, and Wilson.
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