Name: Gantulga

Gender: Boy
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Date of Birth: 06/03/2009
Country: Mongolia
Both parents approached us through Social Services Department of District for support, as both are unemployed and are raising four young children aged 3-8 yrs old. The father used to work for a dairy company, but due to financial crises, the company was unable to pay the workers. Considering the poverty and the condition of the family we have enrolled their child Gantulga in the Family Strengthening program. Gantulga was healthy upon admission. The family lives in a remote part of district where there is little job opportunity. They live in a Ger dwelling which is poorly maintained, without access to electricity. The couple is young, the father had job but lost it due to financial crises of the company he used to work for. Now he does some temporary works whenever it is available. The mother looks after their two young children at home. The District Social Services Department provided them food stamp for six months. Other income is government child support allowance of $ 8 per month. 
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