Name: Courtney

Gender: Girl
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Date of Birth: 07/21/2014
Country: Philippines
Courtney at her very young age shows great interest in learning. Though at first the parents wanted to enroll their child in a private school but financially they canít afford to pay tuition fee thatís why they think that KBF can help their child a lot in having a quality education. The child was young but she demonstrated interest in learning new things. During interview the child was assessed to be intellectually good. According to the medical record she has no past serious illnesses. Courtney had average type of family. The father had a job as a cook in a restaurant and the mother take care of the household chores at the same time enrolled in school to continue her college degree Though the father had a decent job yet the income is just enough for the basic needs of the family. They also had to pay for the rent of the house. The KBF daycare center can helped them a lot not only for education but also for the program that can helped the family.
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