Name: Gabe

Gender: Boy
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Date of Birth: 09/18/2014
Country: Philippines
Gabe was brought to care because the parents wanted him to learn how to interact with the other kids in order for him to develop self-confidence that will help him prepare for formal schooling. His parents are confident that their child will developed his learning skills on the daycare programs. The child also shows interest in going to school prior on enrollment. Gabe was physically well but had a problem on his speech. He could answer questions when asked but the words were not that clear enough. He had hard time expressing himself since he found it hard to talk clearly. Aside from that the child was physically active. He can also do things on his own. Gabe came from a small family but since the mother is the only one working for the family her income generated is just enough for the basic needs of the family. The father has no work at the moment. 
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