Name: Terence

Gender: Boy
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Date of Birth: 11/26/2013
Country: Philippines
Anthony Byron shows great interest in going to school. The interest of the child was taken into consideration by the parents thatís why they wanted him to enroll in the daycare. The parents also consider the location of their house is nearby the daycare area this will provided both for the parents and the child. They also had other relatives who recommended KBF. The child was physically active and has good built. He was healthy upon admission in the day care center. In his medical record, he was found to have complete immunization and free from any communicable diseases. He has no history of Hospital confinement. Anthony Byron came from a small family but only his father is working for the family. The father can provide the basic needs of the family but cannot afford the tuition fee for their child education. The child is eager to learn and the daycare program can help him achieve his optimum wellness.
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