Name: Gayathri

Gender: Girl
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Date of Birth: 08/07/2009
Country: South Asia
Gayathri is 8 years old and is studying in 3rd Grade. She belongs to a needy family. She has defaulted to pay her tuition fees for a long time. The father Mr. Raju was called to the school to meet with the Principal. After knowing their situation, the child was recommended for the program. She is a healthy girl. The family of six members live in a rented house. Her father Mr. Raju is working as a housekeeping staff in a local hospital. He is a chronic alcoholic and spends most of his earnings on his vices. He does not take responsibility of taking care of the needs of the family. The mother works in three houses nearby as a domestic helper and earns a meager income. Her income is not sufficient to meet the needs of the family. Looking into the crises the family is facing, the child has been taken into the program. 
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