Name: Kanatip

Gender: Girl
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Date of Birth: 01/11/2017
Country: SE Asia
Kanatip's birth mother was referred to HSF Unplanned Pregnancy Services by Home of Grace; a Catholic Shelter for women with unplanned pregnancy for she was not unable to care for Kanatip and needed a temporary placement for her. Before Kanatip's admittance to HSF care on March 13, 2017, the birth mother cared for Kanatip by herself in the shelter for a period of 2 month. The review of the available medical information indicated that Kanatip was born full term by cesarean section with birth weight of 3,350 gm., length of 53 cm, and head circumference of 33 cm. Kanatip is the third baby born to her mother. Her 2 older half siblings; 6 and 4 are from the mother's 2 earlier relationships that ended with separation. The first child is with his father and the second one is under care of the maternal grandmother in the province with the birth mother sending financial support to her mother at home. Kanatip's birth mother, 24, was working as a singer in a nightclub in Bangkok when she met a Japanese customer and had a temporary relationship with briefly. When she found that she was conceiving his baby, he already left Thailand. She wanted to parent Kanatip but needed a period of time to get herself better prepared to care for the baby in the future and to disclose this to her extended family. 
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