Name: Aksa

Gender: Girl
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Date of Birth: 02/28/2009
Country: South Asia
She belongs to a poor family. The child's father approached the school for financial support for the child's education. After assessing the financial condition of the family, the school referred the child for educational support under the sponsorship program. The child is in good health. Aksa comes from a low socioeconomic background. Her father discontinued his schooling and does not have a proper job. He is working as a butcher and earns minimum wages. She has a school going brother. Her mother stays at home and looks after the house. The father is the primary caregiver of the family. The family of four members lives in a small rented house. The father's income is barely sufficient to meet the basic needs of the family. She was taken into the program in order to prevent her from dropping out of school. 
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