Name: Mariya Renold

Gender: Girl
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Date of Birth: 09/08/2008
Country: South Asia
Mariya and her family is from poor economic background. The child’s father is electrician and mother is a home maker. The child's parents are in good health. The family consisting of 4, live in a rented house in Bangalore. The child's father is a hardworking man and he is also interested in educating the children. The child was in good health at the time of admission. She has one older sister, pursuing her 10th grade. The father is the sole bread winner in the family. Her father income depends on his work availability, it is not a regular job, sometime he takes up odd jobs to earn a little extra money to meet the basic needs. The income earned is very low to meet the day to day expenses and the school expenses. They were referred by the school Principal for the educational support. 
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