Name: Willis

Gender: Boy
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Date of Birth: 04/23/2013
Country: Philippines
Jhan Rey was enrolled by his parents in KBF day care center because at his age, he should be provided day care service to develop his learning skills and personality. He was accepted in KBF day care center because their income are not enough for their daily needs and to enroll the child in a private daycare center with high cost of tuition fee. Jhan Rey had his medical checkup last June 1, 2017 and was found that he was physically fit for school. He has no history of any serious illness or hospitalization. He is also free from any allergies or communicable diseases. Jhan Rey is the youngest among the 6 siblings. Their family lives in the house of his grandparents near the daycare center. His father works as community security at night while his mother is a housewife. His grandparents sometimes supported them financially. The salary of his father is not enough for their daily needs including the house bills and payment on the school tuition fees. 
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