Name: Nandinerdene

Gender: Girl
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Date of Birth: 11/28/2016
Country: Mongolia
Both parents are unemployed. The father is disabled and unable to work. They have four young children. The youngest is 11 month old. They came to us with referral from the Social services department. We enrolled their daughter Nandinerdene in the program. Nandinerdene was healthy when admitted in the program. The family is poor, raising four young children. The father is disabled from an accident a few years ago. He does some kind of wood work at home to support his family, but it rarely brings any income. The family live in Ger dwelling which needs to be kept warm in winter. They use coal for fire for cooking and to keep Ger warm. Due to harsh winter and heavy pollution children often get sick. The family is facing many challenges to keep children fed, and warm during winter. The only income is the government child support allowance. 
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