Name: Amarmend

Gender: Boy
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Date of Birth: 04/30/2010
Country: Mongolia
The family is poor and lives far from the community access and the city, in a Ger dwelling. An unemployed mother is facing challenges to raise her children and she approached the Social Services Department of the district and the department asked us to help the family. We enrolled the child Amarmend in our Family Strengthening program. Amarmend was healthy and did not have any serious health problems upon our admission. The family moved to Ulaanbaatar city in 2012 in search for a better life. His father died. He left the family when the youngest child was an infant and without job the single mother collects recyclable items from the trash to make their living. The family receives child support fund of 20.000 tugrik (12$) from the Government. This small income barely provide their basic needs and needed nutrition food. 
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