Name: Vireakvitou

Gender: Boy
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Date of Birth: 02/22/2009
Country: Cambodia
Vireakvitou was introduced into our program by the office of Commune Committee for Women and Children (CCWC) because his family is one of the poor families in the community. His physical and mental health was fine upon enrollment. He has good habit of taking a bath every day but he does not brush his teeth. Vireakvitou lives with parents and a younger brother. This family lives in their own small house which is built from zinc roof and walls. His father is construction worker in Phnom Penh and usually sends 50 USD a month to support the family. His mother is hired planting or harvesting rice, and earns USD 30 a month. Besides this, she catches crabs or snails for selling and cooking. The family lives in a difficult situation, lacking of foods, rice and money to support their children. 
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