Name: Savitha

Gender: Girl
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Date of Birth: 10/29/2011
Country: South Asia
Savitha is a 6-year-old child who resides with an underprivileged nomadic family of five which includes her mother, father and two other siblings. The father and the mother work as daily wage masons at different construction sites. The child was in good physical and mental health at the time of admission. Savitha and her family are nomadic migrants from Gulbarga which is a district north of Karnataka which is a southern Indian state. The family speaks Kannada at home. The children have two siblings namely Shreeshanth and Govind who also study in the center. The father does not get a consistent income because he is not able to work regularly. The daily wage of the parents is not enough for the sustainability of the entire family and for the growth and development of all the three children. And so they have requested us for our services. 
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