Name: Tigabu

Gender: Boy
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Date of Birth: 11/15/2013
Country: Ethiopia
There is no access to free and quality preschool education with close proximity to where Tigabu is living. In addition to that, his family is not capable of addressing his educational needs due to their poor economic status. The child thus, joined Wallna Kindergarten -the only pre-school in the area and got enrolled in Holtís sponsorship program to overcome the problems that hinder him the pursuit of his early childhood education. Tigabu is physically and mentally well. He does not have any known health concern except for malaria. Tigabu lives with his parents and siblings. He is the 2nd child in his family and he has 2 brothers. His family dwells on subsistence farming. The family is striving to address their childrenís basic and educational material needs due to their poor economic status. Nonetheless, his family strongly believes that education creates an opportunity for a better future in their childrenís lives and it should be pursued at any cost Tigabu has joined Wallana Kindergarten school.
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